Buyers Worksheet

I can help you decide what is most important when making your decision. Here are some things to consider when buying your first home:
Currently are you?
-A Homeowner
-A First Time Home Buyer
How many will be living in your home? ________
How many children? ________
How soon would you like to move?
Have you started looking for a home? ________
If so, how long have you been looking?
What area(s) would you like to live in?
What area/city do you work in?
What area/city does your spouse/partner work in?
Is close proximity to work a priority? ________
Is close proximity to schools a priority? ________
Is access to public transportation an issue? ________
What type of transportation would benefit you most?
Bus Airport Other
What type of home do you prefer?
Single Family Townhouse Condo Duplex
Desired condition?
Move in ready Some work Total “fixer upper”
How many stories?
One Two Three Split-level
What size garage?
One-car Two-car Three-car Carport
Will you need a lot of storage space? ____
Do you need a pool? ____
Do you need a spa? ____
Price range for the home: $________ to $________
Age range for the home: ________ to ________ years
Bedrooms desired ____
Bathrooms desired ____
Living Area desired ____
Land Area desired ____
Desired Features
Air Conditioning Breakfast Area
Dining Room Family Room
Large Back Yard Large Front Yard
Large Kitchen Large Master Bedroom
Laundry Room Office Space
Storage Space
Vaulted Ceilings View
Walk-In Closets
Other necessities